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  • RemoSync is the easiest, affordable, and most secure way to give everyone access to corporate email, contacts, and calendar on your Phone (over 25 models to choose from).
  • RemoSync is simple to set up and use. With a direct connection to your company’s MS Exchange server (2003 SP2 and 2007) utilizing ActiveSync protocols, there are no complex or expensive proxies needed.
  • Every Phone is a Smart Phone.
  • Boost productivity with anywhere access to your corporate email, contacts, and schedules. And not just for a few executives with specialized, high-end handsets, but for everyone using the feature phones you’ve already got.
  • Economically Smart. There are no expensive middleware, upfront or licensing costs. RemoSync is a low-cost, high-impact solution.
  • Enterprise-level Security. IT administrator can control alpha-numeric security PIN, inactivity timeout, remote and local data wipe, SSL encryption.